Sep 06

Old man winter approaches

Frosty Tree

Winter in Fargo lasts a while. At times we get a pleasant-looking frost on the trees, like this guy next to the Cathedral of Saint Mary.

This year, we got snow on March 22, and then the mother of all wet snows on April 6. Fortunately we have a decent snow blower. When it’s that wet, it’s like you’re extruding play-dough. This was by far the longest winter we have seen since we moved here some six years ago. It was fairly mild, in that we didn’t have long stretches of below-zero highs, but it dragged on. The spring didn’t start until June, and then when it did, it was cooler than normal. The garden hasn’t been as productive as in years past. For all of that, we’re getting some good days right about now: highs are in the upper 60’s and lower 70’s, and when it is sunny, it is down right pleasant.




Late March's Snow

Late March's Snow










April 6 Snow

April 6 Snow

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