Monthly Archive: October 2008

Oct 30

Jack O’Lanterns!

The kids got their pumpkins carved. Sofie’s has a big grin, Lucy wanted sharp teeth, and Alex wanted Frankenstein.

Oct 10

Die Wikinger können es.

When the first Saturday in October rolls around, you go to Dallas, WI. Well, that’s what we did this year, and two years ago. (We had to skip last year, unfortunately.) What’s in Dallas? Viking brewery! We were happy to see that the Oktoberfest celebration has grown up a little. It’s not the biggest celebration …

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Oct 08


We have probably gotten all that we are going to get from our garden. Our tomatoes were a little late to ripen, but September was good to us, and we didn’t get a freeze. October has been fairly good, too. Maybe we won’t see a freeze for a while yet, and that will mean even …

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