Oct 08



Delicious Home Made Giardiniera

CSA Booty

Our small apples.

We have probably gotten all that we are going to get from our garden. Our tomatoes were a little late to ripen, but September was good to us, and we didn’t get a freeze. October has been fairly good, too. Maybe we won’t see a freeze for a while yet, and that will mean even more tomatoes. Our apple crop was fairly poor, but we did get a bumper crop last year. We got a few eggplants: one per plant. All in all, given the cool summer and late start in spring things worked out fairly well.

The CSA program we’re enrolled in has been great. We got an over abundance of fresh vegetables, and so we took up some home pickling. We didn’t really find any overwhelmingly great Giardiniera recipes, so we improvised a little. The results were pretty good. Next up we will have to pickle some jalepeños. We had some pretty good conditions for pepper growth — we already have some four quarts of pickled onions, jalepeños and carrots.

Awesome Eggplants and Tomatoes












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