Monthly Archive: May 2009

May 31


Summer is in full swing now. We are getting warm weather and things are looking nice. We have the plants for the garden, but they aren’t in quite yet. However, we built the rabbit-proof fence. I decided to finish the crown molding and I built some shelves in the garage to replace the ones that …

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May 20


It’s hard to get up. I’ve got no excuses… it used to be dark until 8. Now it’s light before 6. Without these three, I’d probably never get up and at ’em.
Oh yeah – these 3 get us up too… little buggers were up after the sun, but before 6…

May 16


So while the university was closed due to the flood, I spent some time watching the DIY channel. One of our bathrooms was out of commission due to plugged drains and removed fixtures, so Rebecca and I figured we’d start doing some¬†remodeling. It started with us thinking “Heck, why not retile the bathroom while we’ve …

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