May 16


So while the university was closed due to the flood, I spent some time watching the DIY channel. One of our bathrooms was out of commission due to plugged drains and removed fixtures, so Rebecca and I figured we’d start doing some remodeling. It started with us thinking “Heck, why not retile the bathroom while we’ve got the toilet out?” and morphed into us thinking “Why don’t we put that jetted tub in that we’ve been talking about.” We settled on the latter, but in order to do that, we need to knock a wall out, and to do that, we need to move the master bedroom.

So we started on the master bedroom project. We had a large room with a bunch of vintage wood paneling, carpet, and a closet with large shelves and two sliding doors. We framed in a walk-in closet, and a partition wall and door opening, plastered over the paneling to match the rest of the house, hung two doors, and painted.

It’s almost done. Only have to figure out what to do with the trim and put the outlet plates back on the walls. (This is what we’ve been busy doing instead of posting stuff on the blog…)


  1. Paul Cox

    Home improvement instead of updating your web presence? Tisk, tisk. I thought you’d be doing both, simultaneously. 😛

  2. jeremy

    Yeah – that’s not how things work bei Familiebrown

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