Jul 15

You leave the kids with the grandparents…

So you leave your kids with their grandparents for a fun couple of days, right? Then you get some pictures like this in your inbox the day you get home. Fun!

Seriously though, the Tulsa City County Public Library has a really good summer program, and they had a special effects artist show up and wound your kids like this for free. Nice!

Sofia's Leg Bruise

Sofia's Leg Bruise

Alex's Arm Wound

Alex's Arm Wound

Alex's Arm Close-up

Alex's Arm Close-up


  1. lo

    Wow. That’s some impressive wound!
    And all from a LIBRARY program?? 🙂

  2. jeremy

    Yeah – they must employ Conan the Librarian or something!

  3. Alex

    It was fun. I mean… …ouch.

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