Aug 30

Brake Job

I had to get some much needed work done on the Golf. After 13 years, it finally needed new rotors. (I’ve only got about 65,000 miles on it, since I bike most of the time, and the Golf is barely big enough for the whole family.) Last year, the brake cylinders in the rear drums gave out, and I needed new shoes anyhow, and although the drums are practically new, they didn’t paint the drums, so they were mighty rusted. I figured I’d paint them at the same time as I replaced the rotors. Fun times ahead! Actually, aside from a seized spacer in the brake shoe carrier, the rotors were a breeze. The drums were more of a challenge, until I learned what “release the adjustment wedge” really meant. In my world, “release the adjustment wedge” means “shoot it across the garage,” which I dutifully did. In addition to my bentley manual, I had help from the internets.

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