Sep 01

Jalepeños en Escabeche

It’s that time of year. Granted, we didn’t get a bumper crop of jalepeños, and we didn’t even plant carrots or onions, but we got these from a farmer’s market, so it’s almost as good, right? Anyhow, Jalepeños en Escabeche is basically a bunch of garlic cloves sautéed in olive oil, a whole big white onion, a bunch of jalepeños and a bunch of carrots (all sliced), sautéed for about 5-10 minutes, then simmered in a mix of cider vinegar and water (2:1). Add a couple of bay leaves, a pinch of mexican oregano and thyme, and put in cans. Done!

There’s nothing that doesn’t taste better with a little of this on the side.

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  1. lo

    LOVE your escabeche.
    We haven’t made any yet this year — though the time is getting ripe! Lots of jalapenos in the market (we grew almost every kind of pepper except…)

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