Nov 07


I’ve been to Turkey. I’ve seen Ephesus and other cities in ruins. I’ve had miniature goats try to push me over in these ruins. In those cities, I’ve seen a lot of tile that’s older than any civilization.  I’ve walked on that tile, and it’s seen many other pairs of feet, lots of rain, the odd hoof, and sun. It still looked good.

I was thinking about this a lot today, as I removed the linoleum from the downstairs bathroom floor. Heck, it doesn’t look all that great new. I know removing real tile isn’t just a walk in the park either, but removing linoleum and the sticky gooey adhesive is just plain awful. I started it with a heat gun and 6″ putty knife, graduated to a 44″ scraper, and then I turned to adhesive remover and the 44″ scraper. That seems to be the best trick. Now it’s going fast!

Ugh. Linoleum.

Ugh. Linoleum.

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