Jan 01

A Cold New Year’s Day

It’s a clear, brilliant and therefore cold New Year’s Day. We’re up to -12°F  now. Sometimes when it’s this cold, and the dew point is a little higher, you see the moisture freeze right out of the air, but it’s too dry for that today. Still, the cold has preserved the snow that built up on the roof, and it’s nice and crunchy underfoot.

The cold gave us the perfect excuse to try out our new waffle pancake pan. No longer are we stuck in the awkward situation where we are forced to choose between waffles and pancakes. We can do both at the same time!


  1. lo

    Waffle pancakes, eh?
    Looks good enough to eat!

    We had some nice pretty snow up on our roof over the new year holiday too… it’s probably all melted at this point, as we’ve had a string of 30ºF days.

  2. jeremy

    Ours is melting now, finally, but we’re getting glazed with ice 😉

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