Monthly Archive: March 2010

Mar 20

Flood 2010

The Sertoma pedestrian bridge.

This year’s flood came fast and early, but fortunately, it wasn’t as alarming as the 2009 flood. The city got the sandbag operation in gear on March 1. The forecasts didn’t even call for a temporary diking operation along Lindenwood Park, which allowed for these quick cell phone pictures.

Mar 10

Epic Milestone!

I bought my Golf Harlequin in July of 1997, and in the last 13 years, I drove it a whopping total of 66,666 miles. That’s a lot of 6’s. It’s been pretty good to us so far.

Mar 09

Office Flooding

Now that we have a thaw, my office is taking on water. Hopefully I get relocated somewhere nice.