Monthly Archive: November 2010

Nov 28

Poison Ivy

I accidentally found some leafless poison ivy vines while working on my fence. It looks pretty bad, but fortunately it doesn’t hurt, and it makes me look more like Popeye. After a couple of doses of oral steroids, things are starting to clear up. 🙂
The South is being unkind, I think.

Nov 22

Fence Construction

The fence was a shovel-ready project. With a day and a half solid days of work, I’m sore, but we have 19 out of about 40 posts in the ground. 8 are set in concrete.

Nov 13

Next project: fence!

The next project on the list is a 6′ privacy fence to keep our dog and kidlets in, and the neighborhood dogs out. All we need is the utility guys to do their markings, then it’s ein Wand frei!