Dec 08

Es Lebe der Harlekin!

My Harlequin in November, 2010

I bought the Harlequin back in 1997. Paul and Paula Cox drove me up to the local VW dealer, where I figured I’d take a serious peek at some VW Golfs. VW had their Trek series. Attractive, because they’d have a bike rack and a Trek mountain bike attached. But they didn’t have any in stock. Alas. My test drive was in this funky Harlequin that had Ronal teddy bear alloy wheels.

Ronal Teddybear Wheels

Ronal Teddybear Wheels

I figured it had everything I wanted in a car at that point, and if the color scheme ever got to me, I’d paint it a solid color. My future wife doubled over laughing at it, when I showed it to her. (We were dating at the time.) This meant it was a good thing, right?

Flash forward, past three children and two other vehicles, and I noticed that it wasn’t really a new car anymore. Indeed, it was starting to need work, and I didn’t have time for that and the family. I ended up replacing the suspension and brakes, touching up the paint a fair amount, ball joints, timing belt and water pump. Some was preventative, some desperately needed. I learned quite a bit and accumulated some tools.

I saw some harlequins for sale, and they went for a pretty good price. I figured it was high time to sell. I ended up grossing about a third of my original purchase price for a car that hadn’t given me any significant troubles in 13 years of ownership. Hopefully the next one will be as good 🙂

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  1. Sofia

    Good job!! :/

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