May 30

Shower Demolition

The previous owners of our house left us a master shower with a leaky drain pan. I feel like we’ve been here before. Oddly enough, in our last house (built in 1960), they used the same construction technique: hang drywall on the studs, attach metal lath to it, put up about a half an inch of concrete or mortar on that, and finally set the tiles on that. It’s not waterproof, and it cracks, making it even less waterproof.

We’re sick of it, so we are finally redoing it. We’ll end up using modern tile underlayments, and the shower will actually be waterproof this time. After I get the shower roughed in, we’re going to take on the rest of the bathroom: we’ll put a proper, level subfloor down, and do a better job at laying the tile.

For now, we’re waiting until we can free up some space in our trash cans.

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