Jan 02

Microwave Cabinet Refurb

Microwaves don’t seem to be quite as large as they used to be. We inherited a microwave that matched our single wall oven. It came with a nice black bezel, and it didn’t work. We had a Sharp microwave that we liked a lot, but it didn’t fit in the hole – it was too small.

What to do? Well, we noticed that one of the deficiencies in the current cabinetry was storage for thin flat things like cookie sheets, cooling racks, cutting boards, etc. so we figured that we could create a single horizontal shelf the length of the existing cabinet by constructing a shelf. Then we could partition the existing space with wood dowels to center the microwave and create storage on either side.

Right now the glue is drying, but this is the final product. I’m very pleased with how well the stain matched the existing wood!


Addendum: got tired of waiting for the glue to dry. It was like waiting for glue to dry…. And yes, that is a wine sock monkey on the right of the picture.



  1. jeremy

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Mom

    Nice job, son. Proud of you.
    Did you knit the sock monkey?

  3. jeremy

    The wine sock monkey was in the cabinet… Dunno where it came from, but I deployed it!

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