May 18


We’re participating in a science fair tomorrow. Alex’s project was a popsicle stick bridge. Sure, they’re almost big enough to be tongue depressors, but they aren’t quite as thick. He fastened them together with hot glue. The total bridge weight was 9 ounces (0.255 kg). Note: This was the boy’s first attempt, and he learned some lessons about measuring while doing it. (It wasn’t square or true, and the whole decking of the bridge was on the wrong side of the load-bearing beams.) But hey… it did OK, as it held just shy of 83 lbs (37.65 kg). Maybe version two, with a little lateral bracing will do even better?

Whaddya know, he won first prize for it, too!

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  1. Grandma

    Way to go! I didn’t think it would hold 83#.

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