Sep 18

Tybee Island & Fort Pulaski Too

We decided to take advantage of the great weather and the fact that most people have to send their kids to school, and we packed up the family and headed to Tybee Island for some quality beach time. We got to try out Alex’s new boogie board, bask in the sun, and play some bocce ball. Afterward, we went to AJ’s Dockside Restaurant, which was pretty good. Overnight there was a bit of a storm, so the waves were really whipped up. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to try the boogie board out on them.

Rather than make it a really long day, we broke it up into two, which made some time for walking on the beach and some site-seeing at Fort Pulaski and lunch in Savannah. The fort was built in the middle of the nineteenth century to protect Savannah from a seaborne attack. We were pretty impressed with it: it was the last masonry fort created, because the civil war had demonstrated that rifled artillery made a mess of masonry walls. It had a lot of impressive features, however, such as the system that gathered rainwater into huge cisterns under the fortified walls. The fort itself had been breached from the southwest by Union cannon fire. They used the breach to fire into the opposite side of the fort, and caused the powder magazine to explode.

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