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Jun 09

Treadle Feeder

Our chickens outgrew their chick feeder – we have had to refill it daily, and that is too often. Since we needed something bigger, and something that could stay outdoors, I started looking around for ideas.
I found some plans for a treadle feeder and there are many videos of the thing in action.
I didn’t want …

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Apr 27

Chicken Coop

I spent a good deal of the last 3 weeks building a chicken coop and run (with optional 10″ pneumatic wheels – making it a chicken tractor, technically). It wheeled across the backyard just fine, and the 5 week old chickens seem to be getting the hang of it. They’ve almost figured out the whole …

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Aug 02


We had some success in canning tomatoes last week, so we figured we would give some jalapeƱos en escabeche a try. We like ours with more carrots and onions than the recipe calls for. We also haven’t ever properly canned them, but we’ll see how it goes.

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