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Mar 06

Kitchen Remodel

We bought a house with these great travertine tile floors, but unfortunately the subfloor isn’t cut out for tile. At least half of the tiles are cracked. We also had a refrigerator that barely fit in its space, so here’s the plan:

Lose the cabinet above the fridge – we don’t use it anyhow.
Move pantry into …

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Sep 01

Archery Backstop

The boy wanted to unleash his inner Katniss again, and I was tired of buying hay every could of months, so instead I spent $23 on some 4x4s and chain, and I made what I hope will be a good hay substitute. I also used some left over floorboard, carpet, shingles and 2x4s.
Hopefully 2 layers …

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Apr 06

Bathroom Job

Yesterday, the kids used the bathroom as normal. Then, I shattered the toilet and cut the tub in half. Today, I ripped the tile, mortar and metal lath off the walls.
The cast iron tub wouldn’t shatter under my sledge hammer, so I cut it with a one-two punch: abrasive blade in the straightaways and a …

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