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Jul 01

Tree Felling

We had a 40′ pine die over the winter, so we needed to remove it. I didn’t fancy paying a tree service, so I started reading up in tree felling theory and practice. I had a plan to cut it down:

I figured I would tie a rope up as high as I could get, tie …

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Sep 01

Archery Backstop

The boy wanted to unleash his inner Katniss again, and I was tired of buying hay every could of months, so instead I spent $23 on some 4x4s and chain, and I made what I hope will be a good hay substitute. I also used some left over floorboard, carpet, shingles and 2x4s.
Hopefully 2 layers …

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Mar 17

Playhouse Roof

We had a bit of wind a couple of weeks ago, and it tore up the tarp that had been the roof of our playhouse. It was time to refurbish the thing anyhow. The next step is to paint it once the lumber dries out.

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