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Sep 01

Archery Backstop

The boy wanted to unleash his inner Katniss again, and I was tired of buying hay every could of months, so instead I spent $23 on some 4x4s and chain, and I made what I hope will be a good hay substitute. I also used some left over floorboard, carpet, shingles and 2x4s.
Hopefully 2 layers …

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Sep 03

What sticks to rubber?

Short answer: nothing.
So we got baby boy a 30# draw recurve bow for his big 14th birthday. It had a rubber grip that was stuck to the composite bow. Unfortunately that didn’t stay stuck all that long.
I tried 3M automotive tape (stuck to the composite well, not to rubber), carpet tape (stuck ok to rubber …

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Jul 03


I went out to a coworker’s hunting lease today to shoot stuff. We started with 180 clay pigeons and a 12 gauge and ended with .22 and .270 rifles.
This is the first time I’ve handled a firearm since I was around 12, and I did OK. It sure beats fireworks, that’s for sure!