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Apr 05

Destination: Golden Driller

I didn’t realize that with all the trips to Tulsa, OK, I hadn’t ever taken the family by the Golden Driller. I have memories of the driller going back to at least early grade school, and now the fam got to behold the majesty of the world’s tallest free standing sculpture!

Apr 15

Pho in the Tenderloin

The best meal so far in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district was my well-done brisket, rare steak, beef ligament and tripe pho at the¬†Pho Tan Hoa. I ended up wearing a fair amount of it. It was worth it: the broth was full of a strong beef flavor, and the ligament was nice and chewy.

Dec 20


What do you get when you cross a crab and a jellyfish?