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Dec 28

Fence Progress

We took a little time off, on account of poison ivy, a car sale, and a car purchase. Now we have a Harbor Freight nail gun and a week off to git ‘r done. We got about a third of it done in two hours yesterday, so hopefully we’ll be able to get the rest …

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Mar 09

Office Flooding

Now that we have a thaw, my office is taking on water. Hopefully I get relocated somewhere nice.

Feb 08

Schneesturm 2

It’s February, and like lots of the country, we are getting snow. Light, powdery snow. It’s been slowly snowing since Thursday, but fortunately it’s not been heavy.
None of that is really news, and it’s really no big whoop. The real purpose of this post is to post a new picture of the backyard, because the …

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