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Apr 06

Bathroom Job

Yesterday, the kids used the bathroom as normal. Then, I shattered the toilet and cut the tub in half. Today, I ripped the tile, mortar and metal lath off the walls.
The cast iron tub wouldn’t shatter under my sledge hammer, so I cut it with a one-two punch: abrasive blade in the straightaways and a …

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Oct 30

Almost done!

Detail on tub side panel

Rebecca and I spent most of the last two days in the bathroom trying to finish it up, and we’ve made some pretty good progress. After getting the plumbing set up and patching the resulting holes on Friday, I got the lights installed yesterday. While that was going on Rebecca applied texture to the areas …

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Oct 27


It stinks when you find out that your plumbing is all wrong, but only by a little…

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