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Sep 16

Fun to watch

They didn’t really know how to make the bath happen, so comedy ensued.

May 07

Paving projects

Half done from the yard

Today was dedicated to finishing up the pavers. I got about a third of them done last night. I also got the retaining wall built. We wisely removed the old railroad ties that previously functioned as a retaining wall last weekend. Our gamble was that it wouldn’t rain and cause the raised bed to collapse. …

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Mar 10

Blizzard, part Deux

We’ve got another snow storm! This isn’t out of the ordinary for Fargo, but it’s a pretty serious storm. The temperature is about 0°F, and wind is somewhere between 25-42 MPH. They have closed I-94 between Fargo and Jamestown, and I-29 is closed from South Dakota to Canada. Most places closed for the day.
I have …

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