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Jan 08

New Fence

Southwest Corner

I swore I’d never build another fence myself after putting up some 200′ of fencing last time. Of course, it’s expensive to have it done, and we needed a new one here in Georgia, so I had to make a liar of myself and build just over 300′ of new fence. I had quite a …

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Dec 28

Fence Progress

We took a little time off, on account of poison ivy, a car sale, and a car purchase. Now we have a Harbor Freight nail gun and a week off to git ‘r done. We got about a third of it done in two hours yesterday, so hopefully we’ll be able to get the rest …

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Nov 22

Fence Construction

The fence was a shovel-ready project. With a day and a half solid days of work, I’m sore, but we have 19 out of about 40 posts in the ground. 8 are set in concrete.

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