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Apr 04

Braised beef and noodles

We had a late lunch yesterday, but it turned out pretty well! Since we have to go to a later mass, we had all kinds of time to let the beef braise in its wine & mint marinate. Rebecca got it sliced and browned before we had to leave. 3 short hours in the oven, …

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May 24

Five Guys

The burger, pre bite.

Well, another weekend, another place to go eat. There’s a burger chain that started out in Washington D.C. called 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. It’s burgers and fries, so how could I go wrong?
The way it works is this: a regular burger has two hand-formed, freshly ground patties. They have a small size with a …

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Feb 04


So you get a new cast iron griddle. You could maybe resist using it for a day, right? Sure.
Then on the next day, your wife says something about lasagna, but the man inside you has to well up and demand brinner! That’s right: bacon and pancakes. You could add to it, add some hash browns, …

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