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Feb 13

More brush

The brush to be tamed

We continue to make solid progress in clearing the out of control greenbrier vines in our yard. It’s a good father/son bonding experience, right?
I didn’t burn it today. Maybe it’s because the ground isn’t dry enough, or maybe it was the lack of wind gusts…

Dec 14

New Fireplace Surround

Another long-time resident of our to-do list got checked off!
The previous owners removed the fireplace cover and replaced it with a free-standing screen. This was suboptimal: cold air flowed into the living room, and smoke didn’t exit as readily as you’d want. we picked up a new cover and this is the inaugural fire. It …

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Mar 02

Remodel Update

So, we’ve had this remodel project going for a while. We stared by poking a hole in the Southern wall from our kitchen into the living room so we could get all that sun into the kitchen. That worked pretty well, but I wasn’t terribly motivated to get the mudding done. Well, I got that …

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